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Tee Ball Guide

Welcome to T-ball/CPA!

This age group varies from 3-½ to 6 and they are the funnest group because they are being introduced to the sport. This Group has a Coach, Assistant Coach, and a Team Parent, but in all reality the parents are very good at helping out in the field and in the field. Keep it fun for the kids. This is definitely not the Majors. Kids lose interest fast at this age, so move children through different drills or stations frequently. Don’t let it be  frustrating for you. Keep it positive and most importantly keep it fun. Winning is inconsequential at this stage of baseball. 

WSLLL has prepared a Practice Template for you to conduct with your team

First Week of Practices

Warm Up

 Exercise 5 min

  • Short Sprints

  • Arm Circles

  • Butt Kicks 

Tip: Make it fun for the kids so they stay engaged. 

Example: For sprints, tell them to act out a superhero as they run. 

Have them swing a fake bat. 

Split your team into two and rotate.


15 minutes Throw ball 

Play Catch with Coach

  • Stand 10 feet from your team and roll a ball to them. Have your team put their hand in their glove and stand with knees bent. 

  • Show them how to put their glove down in front of the rolling ball and use their other hand to chomp down to trap the ball. (like an alligator) 

  • Throw the ball underhand. 

  • Once they are comfortable with the underhand, throw over hand. 

Remind the kids to step forward with their non-dominant leg and look at the direction they want to throw the ball and execute. 

Hitting 15 minutes 

  • Get 2 or 3 kids hitting wiffle balls off T’s at the same time.   All other players at a safe distance in the field.  After about 10-15 swings, rotate batters. 

  • Knuckles (Knocking Knuckles Line Up)

  • Feet & Shoulders Straight to Plate and both pointing at the pitcher.

  • Bat on Shoulder

  • Legs Bent.  Belly button in front of toes

  • Elbows Down (Back elbow is never higher than their hands!)

  • Raise the bat from shoulder (3-4 inches in front of armpit and slightly back.)

Once they are comfortable with the Tee and their form, then start with Coach pitch. 

Tip: Teach them that the bat always stays down unless they are hitting. 

“Helmet on, bat down”

Wrap Up

Bases 5 minutes

Have your players hit a ball and run the bases.

(They need to get familiar with running to the correct bases.)

Second Week of Practice

Familiarize them with the field and mock a real game

Basic Fielding

Each player stands in various positions in the fielding stance. A  coach slowly rolls or hits a ball to various players. The player closest to the ball  takes a few steps to the ball, fields the ball and throws it to first base.  (At this age, accustom them to always throw to first base)

- Rotate player positions throughout the drill.  

Partner Pickup

Players partner up and stand 10 feet apart from each other in the field.  One player rolls the ball for his or her partner to field.

- Repeat back and forth.  

Wrap up

Clean up

When the season Starts 

  • Let them Warm Up

    • Have them throw, catch, swing. 

  • Alternate players by number (lowest to highest and vice versa) for each inning. 

  • For CPA, let them try three coach pitches before using the tee. 

  • The dugout will be taken care of by the team parent. 

    • Position the players in the field and alternate the first base and the pitchers mound. 

Ask Parents to help

  • A catcher, to collect the ball and throw them back to coach

  • A parent to collect bats and return them to the dugout

  • Parents can be on the bases to tell the kids where to run.  

Once the game is done, you, your team and the opposing team will do the postgame handshake. 

At the dugout, remind your players how well they did and give a player a game ball

-Remind them everyone gets a game ball throughout the season. 

They’ll receive their snack and its game over.




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